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Welcome to the Independent SAFE Network Wiki

The SAFE Network project is vast and complex. While there are great resources available online for study, these resources still tend to be hard to locate and digest. The SAFE Network Forum contains many years-worth of great information but lacks concise and up-to-date summaries which would be convenient for newcomers to catch up.

The purpose of this wiki is to make the SAFE Network project more accessible. This is starting-out as a growing collection of personal notes of the editor trying to thoroughly understand the project, and is intended to evolve into an independent guide to SAFE Network.

All information here is unofficial. You are free to edit and contribute right here as you learn about MaidSafe and SAFE Network yourself. This Wiki fills gaps, referencing existing resources whenever possible. Opinions belong on the Safenet forum.

Before you can start editing your need to through automatic registration. This is needed to avoid spam. There are some rules to follow to keep this fun. The rules page also contains contact information, and legal notices.
Before reading this site you must accept that it is your responsibility to obtain expert judgment and advice before using any information from this site for your particular situation. You accept that you alone are responsible for any losses or damages resulting from using this website.
If you want to find out more about SAFE Network or start contributing, we want to be your guide. For specific topics look at the table on contents on the right. Otherwise pick a subsection based on the desired level of depth you are looking for.

=> Introduction - Start Here TOP

Cutting through marketing and hype, we are interested in which of the many good things SAFE Network will do for it's users will matter most to you. Understand what SAFE Network is really about, and why it's worth the wait.

=> Goals of the SAFE Network TOP

In this section we will try to separate out and have a closer look at the mechanisms that will keep the SAFE Network working as intended. Each of these need to be checked for possible weaknesses that could lead to disastrous malicious attacks.

=> Mechanisms TOP

One special mechanism regulating the network involves SafeCoin, a medium of exchange within the network, but with a reach well beyond it. This section is intended to consider this from an Economist's viewpoint.

SAFE Network will have a native cryptocurrency called SafeCoin, providing incentives to people to support the network with resources and applications, and charging network users for certain kinds of usage.

To raise funding for the project a token called MAID was created. MAID will be exchanged for SafeCoin at the launch of the SAFE Network.

(MAID creation to fund development)

(scenarios impacting the value of MAID at conversion to SafeCoin)

At this time it is expected that one MAID token will be exchanged for son SafeCoin.

Source: this, Project-Safe whitepaper April 2014(outdated??)

  • Pre-launch supply (MAID): 452 M (452,552,412 units)
  • Investor allocation: 226 M
  • Maximum supply: 678 M

5% of total supply [of 678M??] goes to early investor/family

5% of total supply [of 678M??] goes to dev team

(money supply, economic output, inflation)

  • SafeCoin will be almost infinitely divisible

5.3.1 SafeCoin supply

(following needs confirmation.) 4/2017, authoritative April 2017

  • Pre-launch supply (MAID): 452 M (452,552,412 units) - slightly* over 10% (10.5%) of total supply, available at day 1
  • Early investor allocation: 215 M - (about?) 5% of total supply available at day 1
  • Maximum supply: 4.3B (4,294,967,295; 2^32-1)

*) Slighyly more by a few million due to error at MAID sale. @neo

5.3.2 SafeCoin creation

(following needs confirmation.)

4/2017, authoritative April 2017,@neo

SafeCoin goes to

  • Farmers - Depending on supply of available but unused storage; the (instantaneous) farming rate.
  • Network maintenance - Every GET on average pays core devs 5% of farming rate
  • App developers - Every GET due to an App pays 10% of farming rate
  • PtP (Pay the Provider - under discussion) - Every GET for specific data could pay 10% of farming rate

Farming rate is explained in RFC-0012.

5.3.3 SafeCoin destruction


SafeCoins are destroyed/consumed by the network at:

  • Account creation (address/ID)
  • Domain name purchase
  • PUT of data (immutable data will be much less expensive than mutable data)

What determines the exchange value of SafeCoin

Since SAFE Coin will regulate availability of (secure and perpetual decentralized) storage, it may be expected to be as stable as that commodity. However, speculation and application for predominantly other uses might change the situation significantly.

Dealing with MAID and SAFE Network tokens is much more complicated than dealing with cash. This should be a guide to make things easier.

=> Crypto Charts Page

MAID is a token that exists in the OMNI layer on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

SafeCoin will be the native medium of exchange within SAFE Network, and is supposed to replace MAID at the time of launch of the network.

Warning: SafeCoin is NOT this.

As a general rule, do not leave large amount of MAID (or any other coins) on an exchange.

  • HitBTC: MAID/BTC, MAID/ETH, MAID/USDT. Consider the high level of complaints on social media about losing access to funds. MaidSafe does seem to have some leverage over HitBTC and could help get issues resolved.

MAIDSafe decided to remove MAID from Bitker in July 2019.

Storing large amounts on exchanges is not a good idea. However, before you create a paper BTC wallet and send MAID to it, read through the steps needed to send the MAID back from the paper wallet to an exchange and decide if is worth the trouble and the risks of making mistakes and of reduced liquidity.

Feb 2018 post

(what do you need to join.)

(how to start using apps.)

(how to start app software development)

(this will be the area of the tinkerers. How-to's, experiments, etc.)

Community SAFE Network
XOR Distance

A useful XOR distance calculator on the web. This is an example implementation in JS.